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Dernières nouvelles

2016-12-09 | Nouvelles d'entreprise

Bosch FlexiClick – now as a 12 volt version

*Shortest 12 volt cordless drill/driver in the market with four adapters *Maximum flexibility and precision in hard-to-reach areas *Comfortable handling: Adapters can simply remain on the tool while adjusting plus

2016-12-09 | Smart Home

CES 2017: Bosch will be presenting what a smart home can do today

*The Scenario Manager for the Bosch Smart Home app makes everyday routines easier – simply activation with the touch of a finger *Survey conducted by Bosch and Twitter in six different countries on the preferences for smart homes *Energy savings, automatic processes and security are the most convincing arguments worldwide *The British and the Americans want to control their home “on the road” *Privacy of great importance for a third of the respondents *New IoT platform: Bosch stories, videos, and animations about the connected world at iot.bosch.com plus


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